Arlington High School Booster Club
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Our mission statement: We exist to CONNECT parents and the local community and GROW our membership, to in turn SERVE the staff and students of AHS in the areas of 
Academics, Activities, Arts, and Athletics.
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​By joining* the Booster Club, your name is put on the "the wall" in the gymnasium.  
Your partnership will impact students in many ways

Michael Carlton

Vice President
Shawna Gould

Marc Rosson

Assistant Treasurer
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Bill Landry

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Can't drop off a tray of cookies or a crockpot of chili? Do a quick donate.

Open positons: Creative Arts, Membership. Would you like to mentor for the Student Activities Directorship?

-  Welcome Laura as Assistant Treasurer & Theresa for Staff Activities. 

-Business Booster is Launched! Know anyone that wants 4 membership cards and a yellow sign in the gym? 

- 2016-2017 is 25th anniversary of Booster Club.

-We have designed t-shirts for members and for AHS Alumni members. Check it out at the football game booth. $15

- 2017 GRAD party info is posted on Clubs page.
200 people