Arlington High School Booster Club
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We support Academics, Activities, Arts, and Athletics at Arlington High School
Our mission statement: to encourage participation in educational activities and to promote sportsmanship, harmony and well-being among students, 
parents, community and AHS staff.
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​By joining* the Booster Club, your name is put on the "the wall" in the gymnasium.  
Your partnership will impact students in many ways

Michael Carlton

Vice President
Shawna Gould

Marc Rosson

Assistant Treasurer
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Bill Landry

Mixie Deeter

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-  Grad Night Due Date is Now. Clubs page paypal payment and forms

- Staff Recognition Form due May 30th. Form on forms page

-Business Booster is Launched!

- "No Ask" event. June 17th. 

- Last Day of School June 20th.
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